Monday, April 25, 2016



From The Plains of Abraham by Brian Connell:

But direct action (destroying Oswego) would have meant re-opening hostilities and that far the French were not prepared to go. Instead, La Jonquiere turned his attention to a project of more immediate strategic value. The commissioners in Paris had another bone of contention in the north--the exact extent and ownership of Acadia, the peninsula now known as Nova Scotia. The French had never reconciled themselves to the loss of this part of their possessions at the end of Marlborough's wars in 1713. The British were requiring the inhabitants, still entirely French in blood and language, to take a simple oath of allegiance to George II. ....Threatened with excommunication by their own priests...and under fear of massacre by suborned Indians, more than two thousand Acadians were persuaded to move to the mainland rather than take the new oath of allegiance.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Joseph Smith's Uncle Stephen


Biographical Sketches of Joseph Smith the Prophet: And His Progenitors for Many Generations (starts with the Mack family).  

Lucy Mack Smith was the mother of Joseph Smith, Jr.  Lucy's brother, Stephen, settled in Michigan.  The following account was written by another person who knew Stephen Mack and included in Lucy's book:

What Settlers In Michigan May Have Seen

Biographical information about Stephen Mack, who settled in Pontiac:

Source: History Of Oakland County [Michigan]